Paradera is Aruba’s hidden oasis. While all of Aruba exudes a laid-back lifestyle, Paradera takes it to an entirely different level.

Welcome to Paradera

The secret oasis of Aruba

Paradera is Aruba’s hidden oasis. While all of Aruba exudes a laid-back lifestyle, Paradera takes it to an entirely different level. When you want a more intimate, quiet pace of life, this is the place to be, yet a 10- or 15-minute drive will bring you to bustling cities with a vibrant nightlife. You could say that residents of Paradera get to have their cake and eat it, too. Life here is peaceful, designed for nature lovers and those who need open greenspace.

When you think of Aruba’s iconic landscapes, such as Hooiberg, the cone-shaped mountain, the Casibari Boulders, and the Ayo Rock Formations, it’s Paradera. Being in the central, northeastern part of the island, you get a spectacular panoramic view of Aruba when climbing the 550+ steps of Hooiberg. The rock paintings done by the Arawak Indians on the Ayo rocks speak of a rich past filled with intrigue. The housing includes luxury villas, spacious single-family homes, and modern, upscale condominiums.

What to Love

  • Breathtaking, panoramic views
  • Nearly perfect weather with year-round sunshine
  • Crystal-clear, turquoise blue water of the Caribbean Sea
  • Mountain trails for walking, hiking, and biking
  • Laid-back suburban lifestyle without the hustle and bustle
  • Ten minutes away from the shopping and nightlife of Oranjestad

Local Lifestyle

Residents genuinely get the best of both worlds. Paradera is decidedly quiet and stress-free, with walkable streets, small local markets, and neighborhood eateries for those who prefer relaxing at home. But when the urge for adventure strikes, activities abound, such as hiking from Andicuri to see amazing views of Aruba’s east side where you definitely stop at the Black Stone Beach to meditate or enjoy the view (not for swimming).  There are Aruba’s famous white-sand beaches, which are great for swimming and also an angler’s paradise. There are also the boutiques, fine-dining establishments, museums, and art galleries of nearby Oranjestad.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

For those with a wicked sweet tooth, the longest-standing bakery in Aruba is the family-owned Bright Bakery, but they also offer sumptuous breakfasts and lunches. Their Piedra Plat Omelet will keep you going all day long. For the best Caribbean pub food and BBQ, you can’t beat the Casibari Music Café and Grill, and rumor has it their BBQ Chorizo is the best. A perfect date night awaits at this cute and cozy restaurant called Studio Murano Art for a great pizza and a nice local beer to finish the day. Ps. pass by their glass art shop.  A few miles away, a perfect date night awaits at Gostoso, and their seafood dishes are famous. Try the Bacalhau and Shrimp Mozambique.

Nearby Oranjestad is at your fingertips, and so are its luxury retailers’ outlets, upscale boutiques, spas, and independent shops. Or make a day of it at the National Park Arikok, where you can enjoy natural pools, breathtaking scenery, ancient rock drawings, the Fontein cave, the Quadirikiri cave, and the Prins Bay.

Things to Do

Equine enthusiasts will love Rancho La Ponderosa and their exciting horseback riding tours of Aruba. The Aruba Ostrich Farm offers tours and lets you “get up close and personal” with the ostriches, and kids love the chance to hand-feed them. Their Savana Restaurant is on-site, and so is a souvenir shop. The Casibari Jazz Festival brings international music stars to a special concert series. Gold was discovered in Aruba in 1824, and you can still check out the Historic Gold Mines and strike it rich by soaking up the island’s culture.


Aruba boasts dozens of excellent schools for all ages, including kindergartens, high schools, universities, special education, and specialized education. Education in Aruba is modeled on the Dutch system. Of note are:

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