The journey of Aileen and Jenniffer in Bonaire

The journey of Aileen and Jenniffer in Bonaire

A Bold Visit to Bonaire 

Splitting its name in half yields "Bon - Aire". The name means "Good air" in Papiamento, our native language, as well as the languages of Curacao and Bonaire. 

Jenniffer and I recently visited Bonaire on business, but I wanted to share our perceptions with you. What I can assure you regarding Bonaire is that the island and its vision exemplify an eco-friendly way of life. 

As we landed in Bonaire, I felt the warm welcome of their friendly people; they have that welcoming smile that tends to make you feel at home. 

There are so many highlights of Bonaire, but I’d like to mention a few things about their culture! 

Bonaire's lifestyle embodies the typical authentic Caribbean culture. Its people are proud of their identity (who they are) and their vision (the belief of where the island is headed). I noticed that the people of Bonaire appreciate their peaceful and simple way of life. Cabrito stoba (Stewed goat meat), Calco (Conch), and Sopi Yuwana (Iguana Soup), as well as their fresh catches of the day (fish), are must-tries. 

I also noticed a strong European influence on Bonaire, even in restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping centers. This means that Europeans make up most of the tourism that Bonaire accommodates. 

Bonaire is an island surrounded by crystal clear water where you can plainly see the fish swimming; the spectacular view I had left me speechless. With that being said, Bonaire has a wide range of scenery that will captivate you, as well as a large number of donkeys. Places like Washington Park, where you can visit more beaches, and many other must-see local treasures. 'Den Caya' is an example of a must-see! This is located in Bonaire's capital Kralendijk, where you can walk around thoughtfully and have a nice lunch on a deck or do some small shopping, or you may feel free to relax and have a dushi (English translation: Delicious) beer at Karel's bar. 

Also, there are many lovely restaurants that have a cozy feel and with yummy meals. If you are planning to lunch, somewhere try to research the place online as they can be busy, so you see if you need to make reservations. For dinner, hop to a cantina restaurant on the Main Street or if you are craving a more traditional food of Bonaire there are various spots that offer these. 

Bonaire is extremely safe, and I saw people traveling not only by car and bicycle but also by GOLF CARTS, yes, you read that correctly, golf carts. There are no roundabouts or traffic lights on Bonaire, but this simply reflects the island's light traffic. This is because Bonaire has a population of only 25k people. Overall, I am smitten with the good air and vibe of Bonaire, where I see potential around every corner and where growth is happening through small steps. 

Mr. Edger, the best all-around driver and Bonaire local, showed us around with patience and showed us so many spots. We are deeply grateful. If you want to explore Bonaire with a trustworthy local, please contact him at [email protected]. 

Jenn also wanted to share a highlight of Bonaire, but this one is about real estate, of course: 

Bonaire has a growing infrastructure that caters to investors seeking eco-friendly living options. The island offers a variety of real estate opportunities that incorporate sustainable design elements, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient appliances. Many of these properties are built with environmentally friendly materials.  

Moreover, Bonaire offers vast, pristine acres of land for discerning investors with a taste for luxury, who yearn to indulge in the finest that nature has to offer. These exclusive properties allow investors to seamlessly blend in with the breathtaking beauty of the island and transform it into their own personal paradise. Imagine waking up to stunning sunrises, surrounded by lush greenery, where the gentle ocean breeze dances through your open windows, and the tranquil sounds of nature create a symphony that is uniquely yours. 

The Island is home to a community that is passionate about conservation and sustainability, making it an ideal place for investors looking to support environmentally responsible initiatives. It has a range of resources and organizations dedicated to promoting eco-friendly practices, including a coral reef conservation program (Reef Renewal Bonaire) and a recycling center (Seli Bon). 

Overall, Bonaire provides an excellent opportunity for investors who are interested in eco-living and want to contribute to a sustainable future while enjoying the island's stunning natural beauty. 

If you're seeking a stunning plot of land or a beautiful villa to fulfill your dream of living in paradise, we've got you covered.  

Just get in touch with us and we'll point you in the right direction. 

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