Navigating Immigration to Aruba🏡

Navigating Immigration to Aruba🏡

Have you ever dreamt of moving to the beautiful island of Aruba? The idea of owning real estate in paradise sounds like a dream come true, but the immigration process can seem daunting. Fear not, because Lawyer Carolina Lopez Paz recently stopped by our offices to share her expertise on immigration practices in Aruba, particularly for those looking to purchase real estate. With over 14 years of experience specializing in Immigration Law, Employment Law, and Contract Law, Lawyer Carolina Lopez Paz offers invaluable insights into making your relocation to Aruba a smooth and successful endeavor.

Understanding the Basics: Who Needs a Permit?

Contrary to the belief that immigration procedures in Aruba are legally complex, Lawyer Carolina Lopez Paz reassures us that the process should be straightforward. However, challenges often arise for applicants seeking residency (work) permits, necessitating specialized guidance. According to Aruba's Admission regulations, certain individuals are exempt from the standard admission requirements (/ a residency permit): 

  • Dutch nationals who were born in Aruba
  • Individuals who acquired Dutch nationality in Aruba
  • Dutch nationals, born outside of Aruba, who were admitted to and have had or have a residency in Aruba during ten years
  • Dutch national, born outsite of Aruba, of whom at least one parent – shortly mentioned – belonged or belongs to one of the three previous options

For all others, obtaining an admission for their residency in Aruba (residency (work) permit) is necessary.

Types of Residency (and Work) Permits and Recommendations:

There are various types of residency (work) permits available, including but not only a Regular Labor Permit, a permit for a retired person (Retenier), for an Investor or Shareholder, Director, or residency permits for Family Reunification, and Key Persons.

Lawyer Carolina Lopez Paz emphasizes the importance of seeking professional assistance to navigate the intricate practicalities of the procedures, including the legal terms to submit the required objections and appeals to keep the procedure active in case no decision is taken within the legal timeframes. Failure to submit objections or appeals on time can result in the application being considered denied without anything you can do about it.

Understanding the Immigration Procedure:

For all residency (and work) permits it is necessary that you submit your application with the Department of Integration, Management and Admission of Foreigners (Departamento di Integracion, Maneho y Admision di Stranjero).

For most of the residency permits with authorization to work you also must follow the procedures with the Department of Labor Progress (Departamento di Progreso Laboral). This institution assesses the admission of the foreigner to the labor market of Aruba. For investors, shareholders and key persons of companies a mere approval of the admission to the labor market of Aruba. For regular employees it is also necessary to open a vacancy and verify whether locals could do the work.


To ensure a smooth admission procedure, Lawyer Carolina recommends:

  1. Consulting a specialized lawyer in the field of immigration
  2. Handling all legal deadlines for objections and appeals diligently and within the timeframe stipulated by law
  3. Managing expectations throughout the process, as the processes could take a long time
  4. Communicating diligently with relevant authorities and understanding the practical matters
  5. Reviewing all your necessities to streamline the procedure

As you embark on your journey to relocate to Aruba and invest in real estate, remember that having the right legal guidance can make all the difference. With Lawyer Carolina Lopez Paz' practical approach and commitment to results, you can navigate the immigration process with confidence and peace of mind. By following her recommendations and seeking specialized assistance, you'll soon find yourself enjoying the sun, sea, and serenity of life in Aruba.

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