La Colina Openhouse

La Colina Openhouse

Dear Bold Reader, 

On the 7th of February, we held an open house for Aileen's listing: La Colina

The enchanting coastal home that is La Colina, opened its imposing wooden doors to welcome everyone interested in learning more about its architectural history. Situated in Tierra del Sol, right in front of the tremendous golf courses, this home is ideal for a large family that enjoys both adventure and the serenity that Aruba has to offer.  

Even though this open house was held on a quiet Tuesday, it was anything but. The event itself occurred from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm but our team was there preparing everything beforehand since the early morning. It happened on what initially seemed a quiet and regular Tuesday, but it quickly turned into the opposite as many real estate agents and clients attended. 

Our Bold Aileen, the listing agent of La Colina, had this marvelous idea to not only make this an inviting morning to showcase this alluring home but to also make this morning, an informative one. For that reason, we invited one of our local banks, Arubabank, to be present. This allowed prospective buyers and present real estate agents and brokers to talk about financing directly with the experts of home financiers. 

Invitees were kindly welcomed and greeted, and each was provided with a flyer with detailed information about the property.

After being welcomed by the whole Bold team, we offered the guests some refreshments like tea, coffee, or water along with something sweet to munch on just before giving them a tour of the property. As this property consists of 6 bedrooms, each tour given on this day, took time, and to let our spectators absorb that coastal ocean view, we were in no rush. Everyone's favorite highlight of the property was the rooftop views. It's a sight that you don't get to experience every day... less likely from the balcony of what could be your own home. While giving the tours, our Bold team offered more information about the property and answered all questions and doubts of the clients and agents in each tour.

After an hour into the Openhouse, everyone present was gathered in the tranquil backyard, where the owner himself provided more insight about the property because like he said, "No one knows this property as I do at the end of the day so I want to share everything that I can with you". Something that the owner wants to make an emphasis is that 'although the home does not currently have a pool, there is plenty of space to build one'.

As time went on, more and more people arrived, and it almost seemed like a party, filled with the intended target group for this occasion. Needless to say, the event was a success, and in Aileen's own words "I could not have made it without my Bold Team."

This property is perfect to make this your permanent home or to use as an investment opportunity. If you would like to know more about property management, we can share more information about this with you.




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