How to Prepare Your Property for Summer Rentals

How to Prepare Your Property for Summer Rentals

Summer is just around the corner, and if you own a vacation property or second home in a popular destination like Aruba, now is the perfect time to prepare it for summer rentals. With the right approach, you can attract more renters and boost your income potential. In this post, we'll offer some tips on how to prepare your property for summer rentals and make it as appealing as possible to potential renters.

  1. Deep clean and declutter

Before you start marketing your property for summer rentals, you'll want to make sure it's clean and clutter-free. Deep cleaning the entire property, including carpets, floors, walls, and furniture, can help make it feel fresh and inviting. Decluttering your space can also make it appear more spacious and open, which is especially important in smaller properties.

  1. Make necessary repairs and upgrades

If there are any repairs that need to be made, now is the time to take care of them. It's also a good idea to invest in some upgrades that can make your property more attractive to renters, such as new bedding, updated appliances, or a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Focus on outdoor spaces

During the summer months, outdoor spaces like patios, balconies, and gardens become important selling points for rental properties. Make sure your outdoor spaces are clean, well-maintained, and inviting. Consider adding some comfortable outdoor furniture, potted plants, and other decorative touches to enhance the appeal of these spaces.

  1. Provide amenities and extras

Offering amenities and extras can make your property stand out from the competition. Think about what your renters might want during their stay and provide it, such as beach towels, coolers, and chairs, or other outdoor gear. You might also consider providing basic kitchen supplies, such as coffee and tea, to make your guests feel more at home.

  1. Create a welcoming atmosphere

Finally, it's important to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes your renters feel at home. This can be achieved through thoughtful touches like fresh flowers, artwork, and decorative accessories. Providing clear instructions on how to use appliances and equipment, as well as local recommendations and tips for exploring the area, can also help renters feel more comfortable and confident during their stay.


We have different property management companies in Aruba that can facilitate all of this for you. The marketing, the search and so much more. Marketing your property for summer rentals is all about making it as appealing and attractive as possible to potential renters. By following these tips, you can create a comfortable and welcoming space that renters will love and that will help you maximize your rental income this summer. 

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