Hop on and see Cady's trajectory of activities on the celebration of Aruba day

Hop on and see Cady's trajectory of activities on the celebration of Aruba day

A little bit on this date’s history 

Several years ago, on March 18, 1948, then-Aruban leader Shon A. Eman presented a petition signed by over 2000 Arubans in favor of independence at a convention in the Hague, laying the foundations of independence and a National Day for Aruba. Interestingly, on this date 38 years later, in 1986, Aruba celebrated the achievement of Betico Croes - Status Aparte - an autonomous status within the kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Yearly activities, ever since, across the island on this date and how our amazing Cady celebrated it… 

Cady's first stop was in the Santa Cruz district, at the Plaza Betico, where a variety of mouthwatering local snacks, sweets, and cuisine were being sold! Dulce de leche of Aruba, Cocada, and plenty more. Cady afterward went to another square in Santa Cruz to enjoy local songs sung by young people and children, along with the cheerfulness of the ambiance, as numerous sorts of games were being performed there. Her next stop was Aruba's, capital district, Oranjestad, specifically the location of the Aloe Factory. It was so phenomenal, there were multiple local musicians playing music here, including the band  Tsunami! Many local restaurants were present, each with a tent and selling their own version of traditional foods: Sunchi, Cookies (everything was carefully and deliciously homemade).  

Children were also having a good time on this day because there was face painting, Dinojumps, and even a miniature train that took them on a tour around the Aloe plantation! 

The factory opened its doors to the public so they could learn about its history and see how its local products are made, which was fascinating! 

Like many other locals, Cady went on a road trip and visited some of Aruba's well-known landmarks, including the California Lighthouse and the anchor at San Nicolas. Even at the end of the main street, you'll notice an interesting sight: old-schooled cars with Aruban designs parked as part of a show. 

Locals enjoy doing these activities in groups, and some even ride their motorcycles together for the entire day, stopping at various locations for celebrations while others approach it more calmly as they spend their day at the beach. 

You see…this day highlights the phrase's essence: Aruba, One happy island! 

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