Dia di Betico

Dia di Betico

Today is an important national holiday as we commemorate the late Aruban Politician leader, Gilberto Francois Croes, well-known on the island as 'Betico' Croes. He was a great leader and advocate for the 'Status Aparte' of Aruba from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This means that Aruba does not fall within the Antillean islands' constellation of the kingdom since 1986.

Since his passing in 1986, we celebrate on his birthday, all that he did for our island. For this reason, in 1992, the government officially declared his birthday, a national holiday. There's a plaza named after him, where his life is celebrated through different cultural and traditional activities. Not only there, but you'll also notice that on this day, the whole island is celebrating.

Small local businesses are scattered from the Northside to the Southside of the island, showcasing their craft. At each landmark, you'll notice some occurrences such as groups dancing in traditional clothes to cultural music, you'll find that people are selling Aruba's traditional food and snacks such as Pastechi, Keshi Yena, Webo Yena, Stobas (Stews), Sop'i Pisca, Catch of the Day (Fish), Keri Keri, Pan Bati, Funchi and Sacos. OH, and for dessert, Cocada, Frio, and Kesio (Aruban Styled Quesillo!).

Whether you choose to spend the day road-tripping between these landmarks to be part of the activities or whether you spend the day at the beach, you'll feel the energy of this national holiday!



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