Caribbean Town Aruba🌴🌆

Caribbean Town Aruba🌴🌆

Step into a world where island living meets visionary design – Caribbean Town Aruba. Thrilled to unveil the captivating details of this residential masterpiece brought to you by Bold Properties Aruba. Get ready to explore a living experience that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.


Caribbean Town: Beyond Today, For Generations to Come

Caribbean Town Highlights:

Welcome to a community that goes beyond being just a residential complex; it's a commitment to shaping a future that resonates through generations. 


Discover Your Ideal Space:

  1. Apartments:

   - Studio apartments

   - 2-bedroom & 2-bathroom apartments


  1. Townhouses:

   - 1 bedroom

   - 1 bathroom


  1. Villas:

   - 3 bedrooms

   - 2 bathrooms (First phase sold out)


Exceptional Amenities for a Quality Lifestyle:

  1. Outdoor Fitness and Jogging Route
  2. Pool, Playground, and Recreation Area
  3. Pet Park
  4. Convenient Commercial Areas
  5. Facilities Building
  6. Property Management for your comfort and satisfaction


Construction Phases:

- Phase 1 (End of 2024):

  Limited recreational areas and lower HOA fees for the first two years.

- Phase 2 (End of 2025):

  Completion of all amenities and regular HOA fees.


Invest in more than a home:

Owners have the unique opportunity to rent their properties, aligning with Aruba law and opening doors to potential income streams.


Join us on the Journey:

Caribbean Town is more than a residence; it's a vision waiting to be lived. As you embark on this exciting journey with us, we're here to assist. Connect with us to get all the information you need.


Caribbean Town is your invitation to embrace island living in its most visionary form. We're excited to witness this project come to life and welcome you to explore a lifestyle where every home is a canvas for modern elegance and community bonds. Welcome to Caribbean Town, where tomorrow's living begins today.


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