Making our Grand Entrance

Making our Grand Entrance

Bold's History: 

The inception of Bold Properties Aruba was marked by the bold and visionary leadership of two incredibly courageous women - Aileen Kelly and Jenniffer Figaroa, alongside our invaluable marketing manager, Cady Henriquez. Today, our real estate firm stands as a shining testament to their determination and has become a thriving success, inspiring and empowering other strong women to join the team. Currently, the team consists of ten talented experts, including our indispensable right-hand assistant, Genesis Toloza. 

From the outset, Aileen and Jenniffer had a clear vision - to prioritize exceptional service for their clients and create a significant impact in the market through their unique and innovative approach. "Your Move is Our Priority," the slogan, reflects their unwavering commitment to guiding clients through one of the most significant decisions of their lives - buying, selling, or investing in real estate - with utmost care and professionalism. 

The Bold Properties Aruba logo and name were meticulously crafted, a result of thoughtful consideration and creativity. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking colors of the Aruban sunrise and sunset, the logo beautifully embodies the essence of their brand, capturing the island's spirit of warmth, vibrancy, and possibility. 

Aileen and Jenniffer are driven by passion and ambition to expand their brand, strengthen the team, and positively impact the community. As they affiliate with Christie's International Real Estate, Bold Properties Aruba's global story is unfolding. Bold is excited about the upcoming chapter, commencing on August 8, 2023, and proud that the local brand resonates worldwide. 

Reason for partnering with Christie’s International Real Estate 

In alignment with Christie's mission and vision, Bold sees a vast international opportunity ahead - one that extends far beyond real estate and encompasses the forging of valuable connections and exploring the auction department. This unique perspective broadens Bold’s vision, revealing that real estate can transcend its traditional boundaries and evolve into a platform for more than just property transactions. 

With Christie's influence, Bold’s horizons expand, and we recognize that our journey holds the potential to make a significant impact and create opportunities beyond our wildest imaginations. The synergy with Christie's empowers Bold to embrace a multifaceted approach, where our passion for real estate intertwines with a profound appreciation for art, culture, and history. 

Together, we embark on a path where the possibilities are limitless, fueled by the shared purpose of making lasting contributions to the global real estate landscape and beyond. As we set our sights on the future, we embrace the potential to shape the world of luxury, art, and property, opening doors to unparalleled achievements and transformative experiences for our clientele and partners alike. 

About Christie’s International Real Estate  

Christie’s International Real Estate is the leading global luxury real estate brand, with approximately 10,000 professionals in nearly 50 countries. They excel in key luxury markets worldwide, including the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. 

Led by Thad Wong and Mike Golden, renowned for their success with @properties, the network integrates cutting-edge technology and marketing strategies. 

Their Caribbean Affiliates program boosts Caribbean real estate's global presence, offering centralized marketing and referrals in the region. 

As a unique global network, Christie’s International Real Estate empowers independent owner-operators, backed by the prestige of Christie's auction house and top-notch luxury marketing programs. 

Why Christie's chose Bold
Christie's International Real Estate Caribbean collaborated with Bold Properties Aruba for several compelling reasons. We demonstrated a deep understanding of Aruba's real estate market and a unique grasp of the local community and island history. Our co-owners and brokers, Aileen Kelly and Jenniffer Figaroa, collectively accumulated more than 17 years of experience in selling real estate on the island, reinforcing their expertise.  

Bold stood out in the region as a premier luxury brokerage, offering agent training, personalized marketing, and a strong network of representatives. Our shared commitment to empowering women in real estate aligned with Christie's International Real Estate Caribbean's values, making the collaboration even more appealing.  

Christie's International Real Estate Caribbean is a cohesive alliance of top brokerages throughout the Caribbean, operating under the esteemed Christie's International Real Estate brand. They offer a diverse selection of islands to cater to every buyer, referral, and investor, providing exceptional service with a deep understanding of Island Living and the intricacies of the Caribbean network. Within the Caribbean real estate market, Christie's International Real Estate Caribbean fosters a strong collaboration, nurturing support, and knowledge-sharing among agents and affiliates. 

Women empowering women 

As Bold continues to lead by example, we hope to inspire and empower other aspiring female entrepreneurs and mothers to embrace their aspirations wholeheartedly. We understand the significance of solidarity among women in the workplace, and we actively foster an environment of open communication and collaboration. Our shared experiences and perspectives as women allow us to better support and uplift each other. 

Where You’ll find us 

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