Xina Tromp

Xina Tromp

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Xina Tromp has spent most of her professional career helping owners and directors of medium and large businesses with their financing needs. As a successful credit manager with one of the largest banks on the island, she has successfully led many complex commercial financing proposals, several of which were focused on refinancing or acquiring real estate assets. At the same time, Xina helped many young and starting business leaders greatly improve their financial positions with her professional advice. Xina knows and understands the Aruban market and has, over the years, built a network of valuable connections in many industry sectors on the island.

Xina has a Bachelor of Science double major in Accounting and Finance from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Xina worked for 27 years with the commercial credit departments of the largest banks on the island, where she last held the position of Senior Manager and Unit Head of Corporate Banking.

Xina worked in the banking industry until 2015, after which she moved on to pursue interests in other fields, such as painting, writing, public speaking, and theater, to name a few. Being a natural problem solver and an action-driven person, she embraces opportunities with an open mind. After attending a “creative real estate investing” course, she discovered she enjoyed the real estate field. She realized she could use her vast knowledge and experience to assist her customers with warm, dedicated, and creative solutions to their real estate dreams.

Contact her today to experience her exceptional service and commitment to helping you achieve your real estate objectives and ensure a smooth and successful transaction.


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