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Tamiree Franken

Tamiree Franken


Meet Tamiree

Meet Tamiree, a humble, introverted, and passionate young entrepreneur who finds grace in the face of life's challenges. With a deep appreciation for every opportunity that comes her way, Tamiree's journey is guided by her unwavering love for life.

In the realm of Real Estate, Tamiree sees more than just transactions; she sees the rich tapestry of memories and stories woven into each property. For her, it's about connecting with people, witnessing their achievements, and sharing in the joy of first homes and successful investments. Tamiree is dedicated to providing her clients with the service, guidance, and respect they truly deserve.

Her favorite quote, instilled in her by her father, reflects her approach to life: "Si bo dicidi di haci algo, haci'e bon of no haci'e" ("When you decide to do something, give it your best shot or don't do it at all"). This principle underscores her commitment to excellence in all that she does.

To Tamiree, being Bold is synonymous with fearlessness, confidence, and courage. As she gazes upon the Bold team, she sees individuals who embody these qualities. Striving to be Bold isn't just a personal goal—it's a journey toward becoming an inspiring example, not only for herself but for her daughter as well. Tamiree's path is one of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of a Bold and fulfilling future.

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