Cady Henriquez

Cady Henriquez

Bold Marketing Manager

Meet Cady

Cady's journey is a constantly evolving one, shaped by each new experience, thought, and stage of life. At her core, she is a young entrepreneur and a dedicated student, eagerly exploring the world one step at a time.

Her character is defined by ambition, creativity, a sense of adventure, and an introverted nature. While she finds comfort in her secure space, she actively steps beyond her comfort zone, honing her skills, seeking knowledge, and continuously evolving into the person she aspires to be.

For Cady, happiness is found in exploring her beautiful island, daydreaming about future global adventures, immersing herself in a good book, savoring a cup of coffee, lakeside moments, and the warmth of loved ones. Always open to new escapades, she lives life to the fullest.

In the world of marketing, Cady unleashes her creativity. She thrives on bringing her team's ideas to life and witnessing the joy in their eyes when they see the final results. It's more than work; it's an opportunity for personal connection, strengthening the bonds and friendships within her team. The dynamic and diverse field of marketing excites her, and she eagerly looks forward to what lies ahead.

"Bold" represents strength, power, loyalty, confidence, and love – all qualities that resonate deeply with Cady. It's an immediate connection for her, and with her incredible team, she believes she can conquer anything and everything. "Bold" serves as an inspiration, especially for women striving to achieve greatness for themselves.




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